0830, Sat. June 1st>2nd -- 'whyhamma 4dK' Series : "Grey days, lonely Knights" : 2000pt. 4-Round, 2-Day, Casual 40K Event @ BHG

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~~ Information for 1st>2nd June Event~~
(Later dates are reserved for future events)

Blackheart Games' 'whyhammer 4dK Series' : "Grey days, lonely knights" is a two-day, 3000pt 4-round casual event. The event is aimed to give players a chance to demonstrate their skills in a low-stakes environment that will test their ability to adapt to unique missions.

~~~Event Specifics:
The event will be run using 4 Bunker Missions designed and tested by Games Workshop from their White Dwarf magazines. These were mass produced to be played all across the globe to provide a fresh take on what's possible in a gaming session.

Player-pack of missions etc. will be published in the event discussion at the creation of the event to allow lists to be built with the missions in mind.

Registration, List submission & Check-In is to completed by players through BestCoastPairings by Monday 27th of May.

~~~BCP Link

~~~Event Program:
Day 1 (1st June)
0830-0900 - Arrival, briefing, expectations, pairings.
0900-1300 - Round 1
1300-1330 - Forage for sustenance
1330-1730 - Round 2
1730+ - R&R

Day 2 (2nd June)
0830-0900 - Rebrief, clarifications, pairings.
0900-1300 - Round 3
1300-1330 - Forage for sustenance
1330-1730 - Round 4
1730-1800 - Bonus awards voting, Results, Presentation, Prizing!
1800+ - Hang@BHG or Safe Travels

~~~Prescribed Battleplans:
Round 1 : Scattered Deployment
Round 2 : Long-Held Emnity
Round 3 : Defence Nexus
Round 4 : Shield & Blade

Games will be scored using the BCP scorecard (Warhammer 40K Default) and submitted to staff at the conclusion of each game/time limit.
Pairings will be matched according to Swiss Score>Battle Points SoS>Battle Points>Margin of Vistory.
Armies may be played unpainted and as to the casual nature of the event there will me no match points awarded.

Prizing will be awarded with Store Credit as follows if minimum player requirement for this bracket is reached (8 players):
1st = $2x Entry
2nd = $1.5x Entry
3rd = $1x Entry
4th = $0.5x Entry
Last = $0.25x Entry

All other players will receive a White Dwarf for participation.

~~~Player Behaviour Expectations:
Players are expected to be:
• Punctual & prudent.
• Respectful & restrained.
• Happy & hygienic.
Player Gear Requirements:
• All miniatures required to field your army.
• Dice & Tape Measure.
• Faction Rules Reference + Balance Sheet (indexes/warscrolls/codex/battletome/app)

~~~Army Construction and Army Lists:
Armies must comply with the latest Errata & Matched Play requirements. All armies require a list for reference during play with points, detachments, unit sizes, options, artifacts, command traits, etc. present. 

Lists for all players will be checked on the day against what has been submitted prior. 

~~~Miniature Representation:
Models should all be easily recognisable as the unit they are listed as and WYSIWYG as much as possible for the sake of smooth gameplay and identification on the table. Weapon options have mild leniency if you can identify clearly the weapons that are intended to be used. (eg. In a squad, clearly the right ratios of matching weapon options for a 1-for-1 substitution)

~~~Converted/3rd Party/Scratch-built Units:
Minis should be approximately the same height & width to their standard official counterpart & on the same base/same footprint (Soul Grinder etc.). If in doubt, contact the Tournament Organiser at least 2 weeks before the event and provide images with scale for reference.

~~~Rules, Discrepancies, & Violations:
If there is ever a rule in question; (discrepancy in list, representation of minis, misleading information, questionable errors, consistent misplay etc.), give the playing the benefit of the doubt as much as is reasonable. If this continues during play, if a rule/situation etc. is in doubt with differing opinion between players, call a Judge immediately for a ruling. Failure to do so may result in a warning for both parties for intentional stalling and not following procedure. In the case of slow-play, both parties must consent to the use of a chess-clock if one is requested to be used.

~~~Ticketing & Non-attendance Policy:
Tickets are to be purchased before the date of the even from BHG in person or from the BHG webstore (link provided). Non-attendance will forfeit ticket refund if less than 48 hours notice is provided.

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