40K : Codex (10E)

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Color: Adeptus Custodes / 01-14
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Inside this hardback book, you'll find:
– Extensive background information regarding each faction's history.
– Exhilarating artwork depicting each faction in epic battles against innumerable enemies.
– Datasheets detailing the profiles, wargear, and unique abilities of every unit.
– Detachments, each with their own set of special rules.
– Crusade rules to gain accolades as they defeat their enemies, earning glory and honour.
– Self-contained Combat Patrol rules and a painting guide.
– An 'Eavy Metal showcase of superbly-painted Citadel miniatures to inspire you.

This book also contains a one-use code to unlock each Codex's contents in the Warhammer 40,000: The App.

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