40K : Warzone Nachmund: Rift War (9ED)

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In this 88-page hardback book, you'll find:

The story of Haarken Worldclaimer's conquest of the Nachmund Gauntlet, including the siege of the Chaos Knight world Dharrovar, and the Imperium's attempts to resist them at all costs
An in-depth War of Desperation campaign system for all modes of play - fight for control of three brutal War Zones, each with its own special rules and Legendary Mission
Crusade rules to represent mobile Space Marine raiding forces and devoted hordes of Chaos Undivided, plus new arcane rituals for the Thousand Sons
Additional rules content, including a Codex Supplement for the Castellans of the Rift Chapter of Space Marines, and Armies of Renown for Tzaangor-themed Thousand Sons and the Drukhari's Haemonculus Covens

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