Army Painter - Magnet Kit

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Level-up your miniature projects and make your gaming minis more versatile with The Army Painter Miniature & Model Magnets. Never again make the wrong weapon choice when assembling your wargame miniatures - utilize every weapon on your sprue with these miniature magnets and a bit of glue.

These supercharged rare-earth miniature magnets are made from very high-grade N52 neodymium and are strong enough for even the most heavy weapons! Featuring twenty 5x1mm (20) and eighty 3x1mm (80) magnets in total, you have a variety of options to suit all of your miniature magnetization needs. These pint-sized mini magnets pack a punch and enable gamers and hobbyists to do all kinds of conversions and weapon combinations.

Perfect for changing weapons, use The Army Painter Miniature & Model Magnets for every vehicle in your army. Use them to accessorize your favorite characters or squad leaders.

These magnets for miniatures work great in combination with The Army Painter Green Stuff, Super Glue, Miniature & Model Drill, and Drill Bits.

Magnet size: 20 magnets = 5x1 mm 80 magnets = 3x1 mm

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