DarkSouls RPG : Minis

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Color: Protector of the Asylum
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If there’s one thing that takes your roleplaying adventures to the next level, it’s high quality miniatures.
Well, luckily for you, that’s what SFG are here for! Another wave of detailed RPG minis from the DARK SOULS™ universe has come.

These highly-detailed PVC minis depict characters, monsters, bosses, and artefacts from the ruinous DARK SOULS™ universe! These sets are:
  • Fully 5e-compatible, with stat cards in every box to help you add them to your campaigns
  • Perfect for you to engage with the DARK SOULS™ RPG’s combat system in full
  • Great for painting to recreate the DARK SOULS™ universe on your tabletop
  • Compatible with any tabletop roleplaying game

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