ORK : Mozrog Skragbad | Beastboss on Squigosaur / 50-55

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There are few loftier achievements for a Beast Snagga Ork than the taming of a squigosaur. These bad-tempered creatures eat everything they come across and are nearly impervious to gunfire. Instead, Beastbosses must beat them to within an inch of their lives to earn the right to ride them. The result of this scrappy housebreaking is an uneasy respect between both squigosaur and Ork, which proves invaluable in battle.

Beastbosses steer their squigosaurs into combat, weaponising their mounts' endless appetites and powerful legs to ensure they are the first Orks to reach enemy lines. Arriving with a cataclysmic crash, Beastbosses make short work of vanguard forces before setting their sights on larger prey. The Beastboss and squigosaur work in tandem in combat, seemingly impervious to enemy fire as they hack and chomp their way to victory.

This multipart plastic kit comprises of 43 components with which you can build a Beastboss on Squigosaur. Alternatively, this kit can be assembled as Mozrog Skragbad and his squigosaur, Big Chompa. It comes supplied with one 80mm Citadel Round base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

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