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Adhesive for the precise assembly of model kits

Model building fans know: Conventional adhesives have no place in the assembly of models. Instead, special adhesives are required that are easy to handle and lead to precise results. Revell Modellbau has many suitable adhesives available. The articles are each intended for different purposes.

Precise alignment of large model parts

With non-specific adhesives, it is often difficult to place larger components in the correct position before the adhesive begins to cure. However, Revell Modellbau has developed a product to solve the problem: Revell Contacta in the Tube. The adhesive has a gel-like consistency. This allows you to accurately align large model parts without being under time pressure. The parts do not dry immediately. This makes it easy to push the parts briefly into the desired position.

Skilful fixation of small model parts

For smaller model parts it is important that the adhesive can be applied very thinly to the elements. Otherwise it will spread everywhere - not a good prerequisite for beautiful results all around. Revell has developed the powerful Contacta Professional for fixing small components. The adhesive allows precise gluing, especially thanks to the needle-fine cannula. This is ideal for micro-precise gluing to tiny details and also to transparent part edges.

By the way, Revell Contacta Professional is also available in mini format - for everyone who wants to test the adhesive first or is planning a smaller model building project.

Transparent adhesives for clear parts

Whether for airplanes and helicopters, cars, trucks or ships: Most models are also equipped with clear parts. Examples are windows and cockpit hoods. Now nobody wants to see visible traces of glue on these clear parts when he has finished building his model. To ensure this, we recommend using Revell Contacta Clear as an adhesive. When dried, it has a high transparency. This alone makes it ideal for transparent model parts.

The aqueous adhesive is intended for various types of plastics and is applied with a brush. This is included with the Revell Contacta Clear. It is located in the lid of the vial. It is absolutely sufficient to brush thin layers onto the model parts, which should fuse with each other.

A potential alternative to the crystal-clear adhesive is the Revell Contacta Liquid Special, which is particularly exciting due to its versatility. It is composed in a well thought-out way so that it does not attack transparent parts. In addition, the adhesive serves as a special chrome adhesive. With unsuitable adhesives, there is a risk that the components will not adhere to each other - the chrome layer prevents the welding effect. This means that the chromium layer would have to be scraped off to achieve the necessary stability.

With the Revell Contacta Liquid Special, this is not necessary. It provides strength - in an elegant way. By the way, the adhesive works for a wide range of materials, from wood, paper and cardboard to glass, metal, plastics and textiles. The application brush is again integrated into the lid.

Connections in seconds

In the field of plastic model making, things often have to go quickly - that is, model parts have to stick together quickly. Revell's Contacta Quick is the perfect solution. The adhesive can also be used for other materials such as ceramics and porcelain. With this in mind, Revell has the right adhesive for every need.


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